22 The crying Game I22 - Paris - 2008 - Silver gelatin print

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Photographs and Art Direction by Cathleen Naundorf
Foreword by Jérôme Neutres

A spellbinding journey into the world of Chanel haute couture captured by one of fashion’s most acclaimed photographers.
In an exclusive shoot with the house of Chanel, photographer Cathleen Naundorf gained rare access to their haute couture collections which entail thousands of hours of handwork, crafting, and embellishing. The re­sult: a book of ethereal, cinematic photographs of gowns against theatrical backdrops that capture the ensembles’ exquisiteness and the magical allure of haute couture.
This is what sartorial dreams are made of.

Jérôme Neutres is the director of strategy and development of the Réunion des Musées nationaux and the Grand Palais and president of the Musée du Lux­embourg, Paris.

Rizzoli edition 2018
Published in english and french
Limited first edition, size 32 x 26 cm 208 pages
100 Euro + shipping: signed book by the artist

“Women of singular beauty –lyrical, mythical, poetic, evocative and intimate!“
New York journal of books

“Her worldwide group of high – profile collectors is diverse, including both museums and individuals, yet they share a common love for Naundorf’s work – the clear symbolism between her signature technique and the subject matter.“
Air Magazine, Dubai

“A world apart.What is special about the images in this Chanel book is that Cathleen made a special setting for each Haute Couture dress. Part of the joy of Naundorf’s approach comes from seeing such classic designs in a new wonderful light.“ 
Black and White Photography, UK